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14th February 2018

Compile your entries – The finer details

You are putting together your entry and are unsure of the best way of presenting your work. The Aesthetic Dentistry Awards judges need the entries to be laid out in a specific way in order to consider your entry.

For Clinical Categories

What we need.
A case report in Microsoft Word format, files of jpeg images in clearly labelled folders and a separate covering letter.

What Layout to use.

Covering letter
The entry should include a separate Microsoft Word Document stating the name of the dentist(s) who completed the case. It should also include the below information if a technician was involved as they will also be awarded;

Technician Name:
Laboratory Name:
Laboratory Address:
Laboratory Telephone:
Laboratory Email Address:

Case report

  • Please submit a case report in Microsoft Word format. The word count will differ for each category so be sure the check the submission guidelines.
  • The case report should discuss the patient’s concerns and include details of diagnosis and the rationale for therapy, including different options presented to the patient, and a description of how clinical, technical and functional issues were addressed during treatment. The case report should detail the treatment carried out and the level of detail should allow the judges to understand what treatment was carried out and why.
  • Appropriate references to the literature should also be included.
  • Please do not embed photographs into the Word file – submit them separately. Avoid embedding your name in the case studies or using letter headed paper as the judges will judge entries anonymously.
  • Please do not send the entry as a single pdf file. The resolution of a small pdf file is insufficient to allow the case to be evaluated well by the judges and your entry will suffer as a result.
  • Please send the Word document and images files separately. If you wish to send a pdf/Keynote/PowerPoint file in addition, you are more than welcome to do so, but these are not substitutes for the Word document and image files.

Photographs & X-Rays

  • Entries should include standard orthodontic views of the patient before and after treatment, as well as other relevant supporting documentation such as photographs of record models or digital planning files where available.
  • Consistency of photography is an important aspect of the submission to allow the judges to evaluate the treatment carried out.
  • Photographs submitted should be sufficient to allow the treatment to be evaluated by the judges.
  • Photographs should be organised into appropriate subfolders, e.g. “Before”, “After” etc. For longer treatment plans, the stages of treatment should be presented in numbered folders so that the sequence is easy to identify.
  • Please do not submit clinical images as a movie. They generally do not play, and we will be unable to evaluate your entry.
  • The recommended photographs are just a suggestion. If you do not have all of them, you can still enter.

 Aesthetic Practice Award

Who should enter this category? The practice – not an individual clinician. To enter this category, you MUST be shortlisted in one of the clinical categories or have been shortlisted in the last 3 years (i.e. in 2018, 2017, or 2016).

What should be submitted?
This category recognises the efforts of an entire team from procedure to aftercare, focusing on practice environment as well as the clinical outcomes achieved and patient satisfaction. Judges will be looking at the submission in its entirety rather than concentrating on individual elements.

Entries should consist of a portfolio of information, which is recommended to include the following:

Written presentation (approx. 800-1200 words)
The practice:
the history, location, appearance, feel & branding. How is a practice culture of excellence, both clinically and organisationally?

The staff: who is there, what is their area of interest, what is their training and experience? How has practice investment in training and equipment benefited patients and aesthetic outcomes?

The marketing: how do you attract the patients who are interested in dental / facial aesthetics? (examples of marketing materials should be included if available)

The patient experience: what does your practice do to make the patient experience unique, from start to finish? How are people put at ease? How are treatment options explained?

Patients’ views on their experience: testimonials from patients

The team: how does everyone work together to make sure that the patient receives the best results as efficiently as possible?

The results:
a portfolio of before and after clinical photographs to show that the results are as beautiful as your premises! (suggested photos: frontal smile & frontal retracted, before & after – i.e. 4 photographs at a minimum per case. More pictures are better, as are more cases!

Additional photographs: the practice, the team, etc.

Patient Choice Award

Who should enter? A patient who is delighted with their clinical outcome.
In this category, we ask the patient to nominate their dentist who, through improvements to the patient’s smile, have made a big difference to the patient’s life. The form of treatment is not important – it is the patient’s opinion that counts!

What should be submitted? Any form of treatment is acceptable.

Covering letter: The entry should state the name of the dentist(s) who completed the case, i.e. this should be separate from the material that will be viewed by the judges.

Written material: A brief description (up to 500 words) of the patient’s concerns and the treatment provided. Testimonial from the patient, explaining how the treatment has made a difference to the patient’s life

Photographs: Photographs of the patient’s smile before and after treatment. Ideally, intra-oral retracted views of the teeth before and after treatment, if available, to demonstrate a high level of clinical skill

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