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1st June 2018

Not just teeth: advice for offering facial aesthetics

Uma Jeyanathan draws on her own experience as a dental surgeon practising facial aesthetics to provide advice for dentists thinking of doing the same

Facial aesthetic treatments and skin care have seen significant development and technological advancement in recent years, so it is understandable the interest and popularity has concurrently increased.

Dental surgeons are well positioned to administer facial aesthetic treatments, with in-depth anatomical knowledge and clinical surgical exposure to orofacial structures. Therefore, extending their repertoire into this important field would seem a natural progression for some dental clinicians.

There are now a significant number of dentists that are motivated and dedicated to have undertaken specialised training and development to offer facial aesthetics. But what attracts our profession to this diverse and fulfilling speciality?

The opportunity to expand on key underpinning knowledge, as well as developing a new skill set, makes aesthetic work most endearing to some dental surgeons. Facial aesthetics and skin care procedures are elective treatments; thus, patients have the opportunity to carefully seek out an appropriately experienced and passionate practitioner.

Furthermore, unlike a proportion of patients who require dental intervention and care, often the person seeking aesthetic services has a different outlook. I usually find that this is a combination of excitement and positivity. This is a very different mindset to the patients that view dental treatments negatively, or may even have a historical fear of the dentist.

Financial implications and gains will be at the forefront of many clinicians’ thoughts when looking to expand into this area. Clinicians should appreciate certain costs, including training, indemnity, good quality products, marketing and reviews, ‘top up’ treatments free of charge, and most importantly, the time and dedication taken to achieve wonderful results.

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